Dedicated, Diligent and Understanding Attorney
Dedicated, Diligent and Understanding Attorney

Meet My Case Manager

Headshot of Case Manager Eric Semet

Eric Semet arrived in the United States from the little town of Digoin in southern Burgundy, France to start teaching French at the University of New Hampshire. After spending two years in New England, Eric moved to Kentucky to teach French at the University of Louisville.

Eric eventually left academia to work in market research, specializing in the firm’s French-Canadian clientele. Over a period of fourteen years, Eric climbed the ranks to become project director overseeing a team of employees he assembled to service the needs of various multinational corporations.

An auto accident became a pivotal moment in Eric’s life. Eric discovered the healing powers of yoga during his long recovery. Yoga soon became Eric’s passion. He left the corporate world and returned to his first love: teaching, only now he taught yoga. Eric became certified as a yoga instructor focusing on muscle activation technics and isometrics. A few years later, Eric moved to Miami.

Eric continued to teach yoga while volunteering his free time at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables. Eventually the Botanic Garden hired Eric to work in its Special Events Department where he learned still more skills. Feeling the need for change, Eric entered the legal profession, working as my assistant in my office. It was not long before I realized that Eric was far more than just an assistant and I elevated him to senior case manager where he works one-on-one with every client of the firm.

Eric earned a Master’s of Arts in English with an emphasis on Linguistics, Old and Middle English from the University of Burgundy in Dijon and a Master’s of Arts degree in French focusing on medieval literature from the University of Louisville. He spent twelve years studying Latin and is proficient in both English and French.

In his spare time, Eric continues to teach yoga, volunteer at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, and cultivate orchids. He currently has over one hundred orchids in his garden along with many other tropical plants. Eric is a dedicated vegan who continuously finds new and inventive ways to cook using only organically grown fruit and vegetable products.